Reservoir Fishing & Rules

Anyone staying in one of our lodges or pods can fish on the reservoir where the Cathedral View lodges are located away from the day fisherman, as well as fish the other lakes.  Cathedral View 1 & 4 have an extended deck to enable larger fish to be handled when caught.  Numbers 2 & 3 have a platform in between them for handling the larger fish that would be too difficult higher up.  Nets and cradles are provided for each lodge and pod.  Some of the rules for fishing on the reservoir are different to the other lakes as this is a Carp fishing lake not a match fishing lake.

For people staying in the other lodges, pods or houses there are pegs around the reservoir to fish from.  All houses and pods come equipped with their own fishing nets and cradles.

The reservoir has roughly 10,000 normal carp, 9000 Israeli carp and a few cat fish.  The largest carp caught so far weighed 30 pounds.

Other lakes include Tosh’s lake which has a mixed selection of fish but is mainly populated by carp.  The Snake lake contains carp and F1 carp while Trev’s lake has carp, tench, barbul, chub, ide, bream, and crusans.



  1. sharon ball

    good afternoon

    please can you let me know which lodge sits on the fishing lake

    thank you


  2. Head Fen Country Retreat

    All of the Cathedral View lodges sit on the reservoir fishing lake.

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